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About Us
To help clients establish fitness goals, then educate, motivate, and support them to reach those goals.  We want our clients to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually; creating a higher quality of life. Chi-Rho Sports & Fitness is dedicated to helping athletes improve overall athletic ability and become the best athlete they can be.

Justin Pickens has been working with athletes for the past 20 years, and helping adults get fit for the last 9 years.  He has trained athletes from the age of 5 up to professionals in several sports.  As a former football player and bodybuilder, he uses years of personal experience to help athletes gain speed while also increasing strength.  Justin graduated from the University of Central Arkansas, where he was a walk-on receiver for the Bears, with a degree in Finance.  During his college years, he began strength and nutrition training with several college and professional athletes.  As former Head Football Coach at Southwest Christian Academy, he worked hard to push his players to reach their full ability and won the conference in just his 2nd year.  He still trains many college athletes and enjoys helping others reach their goals.  He lives in North Little Rock and also 

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